IvyRose Spica Chairs

Changing the world one chair at a time


All chairs are custom built to fit your child's cast dimensions.  Chairs are individually priced according to the size of the chair
and the amount of detail in the design.
A standard size Jellybean or Arch chair in a solid color is $250.00

Custom painted Jellybeans are $300.00 and up according
to the amount of detail involved in the design.

Custom cut chairs (Teapot, Pony, Castle, Animal Crackers etc.) are
$350.00 and up.

All chairs come with a reversible tray with a chalkboard on one side for extra fun. (I recommend sidewalk chalks for little artists)

I ship UPS, shipping is generally under $65.00 anywhere in the continental U.S.    Please contact me for an exact quote.

To order a chair or for more information, please contact me at: