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All our chairs are shipped unassembled, but don't worry
assembly is very simple
There are only six chair pieces and 10 wood screws! 
It usually takes one person
less than 5 minutes to assemble a chair.
All you need is a Phillips screwdriver
and you are ready to go!

First, take the pieces out of the box and lay one side piece on a soft surface, either carpeting or lay down a blanket or towel so you don't scratch the finish.

Image result for spica chair assembly

Next line up the bottom of the back piece with the bottom rail
and attach with two of the wood screws.

Image result for spica chair assembly

Center the top screw hole in the front piece with the center of the top rail and secure piece with two screws.

Image result for spica chair assembly

Now you are ready to lay the second side on top.
Line up the second side just like the first and attach with screws.

Carefully set chair upright.

Set the seat on the bottom rails
and attach with screws.

Image result for spica chair assembly

Thread seat belt through the holes in the back of the chair
and attach the belt clip.

Your chair is ready to use!

Just place your child on the seat, fasten the seatbelt and
tighten, then place the tray on the top rails and you are
ready to rock!

All chairs come with a piece of foam padding to go around the
tray opening, but this is only to fill in the gap
if the tray opening is too large for your cast.
Most children do not need the extra padding.
If the tray fits well without the padding, simply discard it.

Most seats will come with padding on them, this cushions the cast and keeps it from sliding around on the seat, but if your
child has a very narrow space between the legs of their cast, their seat will not have padding.  The narrowness if the cast will prevent sliding and since the child's weight is supported by the cast, not the seat, padding is not needed.

That's it!
If you do have any questions about assembly, please email me at

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