Animal Crackers (starting at $300.00) Animal Crackers (starting at $300.00) Airedale 200972311 Bernese Mountain Dog 200971412 Dudleythe Sheepdog 200971413 Dudley portrait 200971414 Scotty Dog 200971903 Scotty Dog 2 200971904 200972384 200972385 Black Cat This one was painted black, but a simple shape like this would also work really well with chalkboard paint, especially if you have other children who would like to play with the chair. Sidewalk chalk is perfect for this. 200971415 Rose Pony 200972213 Pink Unicorn 200972383 Celestial Pony 201518961 Baby Hippo 201518996 Monster Truck 203633407 Monster Truck (pink and purple) 203633408