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Lucy's Story

Lucy was diagnosed with hip dysplasia at her 6 month check up.  She had no indications of clicky hips at birth, 2 months or 4 month check ups but it came out later.  This was found by the GP and we were sent straight for an x-ray.  I must admit about a week before her check up I had noticed her thigh skin folds were not symmetrical and one leg did appear a bit shorter than the other so was going to ask about this anyway.  Once it was discovered we went to the Paediatric Orthopaedic Surgeon and we had to wait 5 months until he would operate on her.  We are from Australia and from what I have read it appears they may do some things differently.  Lucy had a femoral osteotomy and open reduction.  Femoral osteotomy is chopping the top of the femur and redirecting the bone into the pelvic socket and plating and screwing it.  To some this may appear a little "extreme" or "full on" but this surgeon is one of the best in the country and this way it is done once and that's it.  She has a cast on for 6 weeks and shouldn't ever require another cast.  In a year or two he will go in and remove the plate and screws (there is no rush for this) and the bone will grow as it should and she should be walking normally and without a limp by the time she's 3.
I came across Stephanie at Ivy Rose online as I was just looking for things to keep a baby occupied while in the cast.  We don't seem to have anything like this here and she usually doesn't ship to Australia but I was lucky she said yes and we arranged the whole shipping side of things from here.  It is not usually viable to send to Australia as the shipping would normally cost triple the amount of what the chair is worth but luckily I have an aunty in the importing business and because she had an account with the shipping company, we were able to get it shipped more cheaply, but were prepared to pay whatever it would cost anyway.  And I am so glad we did get it as Lucy is absolutely loving it.  She can sit up and play with her toys and eat her meals in it - her big sister sometimes sits on the other side in a normal chair and plays with her or when Lucy is asleep big sister will sometimes get in it and draw on the chalkboard side.  All in all we love it so much and can't imagine how we would be coping if we didn't have it, so thanks so much Stephanie for making it and being so helpful in the whole process!
Lucy's Family, Brisbane, Australia

Matthew's Story

We had some suspicions early on that Matthew had some hip problems. Our Paediatrician and family doctor both thought that everything was fine, but they ended up referring us for an ultrasound.  It was fortunate that they did as it turned out that Matthew had bilateral DDH.

While we thought that there may have been an issue, we still weren't quite prepared for what a positive diagnosis meant. He was diagnosed at 4 months and we first tried to fix things with the cruiser brace. Unfortunately the cruiser was not helping Matthew and we ended up having a closed reduction scheduled for Matthew when he was 5 months. That  didn't work either, and we've since had an open reduction on both hips, and a second open reduction on right hip, which ended up slipping out. 

     As I'm sure everyone who has a child dealing with DDH knows, there is a lot of ups and downs. We have been nervous before each surgery and each follow-up appointment, not knowing whether things have worked. We were also nervous thinking about how we would be able to manage with a young baby in a spica - especially a young baby that was beginning to get curious about the world and starting to move around. 

     The spica chair really has been a godsend for us in that regard. Seconds after we put him in the chair, he started beaming and he hasn't stopped since. It allows him to be sitting upright and feel more a part of things. The big surface is great for him to play on and it really does take a load off both of us. We're definitely thankful to have one of these chairs!

Thanks Stephanie!

Charlotte's Story

Charlotte was born without ACLs in both knees.  This allowed for a lot of laxity in her knee joints, which allowed for her to get into a very interesting position en utero.  She came into the world with dislocated hips, knees and feet.  Her doctor’s first priority was getting her knees fixed and then her feet, which he did beautifully.  We had hoped that a few years of sleeping in a Rhino brace would have fixed her hips and it almost did but just not close enough.  So on October 15, 2011 when Charlotte was 4 ˝ years old she had bilateral hip surgery.  In order to prepare I searched online to find some sort of adaptive furniture.  The only websites I found were for some homemade plans for some very primitive looking chairs.   Then I happened upon Ivy Rose Spica Chairs.  There were so beautiful and at a time when the upcoming surgery and aftercare seemed so overwhelming, it was amazing to be able to look forward to something so enchanting and helpful to arrive in the mail.  Charlotte loved her pony chair and used it all of the time:  For eating, drawing and playing with toys.  She also had a wheelchair, which helped a lot with getting her around the house and eating at the dinner table.  She was in her cast for eight weeks.  It was both a challenge and a blessing.  We were overwhelmed with the amount of love and care the poured in during those few months.  When Charlotte’s cast came off it was very emotional for everyone.  It took her almost three weeks to begin to walk again.  Now, with the cast removal five months behind us and with a lot of swimming at the local YMCA and a lot of love Charlotte is more active than she has ever been.  I send all of my gratitude to Stephanie for making such beautiful chairs and helping our children when they need it the most.  What an angel!


Mila's Story


Mila was diagnosed with DDH when we was 4 1/2 months. One of the doctors in the NICU did her newborn well check up and heard a slight click in her left hip. She told us she didn't think it was a problem, but just to be sure to make an appointment with an orthopedic doctor. So, the nurse  scheduled Mila's appointment and she had an ultrasound done. The results came in normal and nothing was necessary. Mila had a follow up appointment six weeks later. That day she had an x-rays taken and to our surprise the orthopedic doctor told us the news that Mila would have to wear a brace 24/7 for possibly one year. My husband  and I were so sadden to hear this news. Mila loved her jumper and now she would not be able to fit in it with her brace. It was a challenge to keep her entertained without having to hold her constantly in our arms. I did some research online and luckily came across Ivy Rose Spica chair website. I love how creative and how functional the chairs are. My daughter absolutely loves the chair and now I am able to get more housework done.  Thank you so much Stephanie for everything! 

Alice, Brandon, Mila in California

Mabel Jayne's Story

Mabel was born breech and four weeks early.  The doctors were constantly checking her hips due to her being frank breech, but never felt a click or any other indication of hip dysplasia and honestly we didn't even know what they were checking for at the time.  At 9 months of age one night as we got her ready for her bath we noticed that the rolls on Mabel's legs were asymmetrical, after closer inspection of her legs we realized that her left leg seemed to be shorter than the right.  I called the doctor immediately and the next day we brought her in, an x-ray was ordered for the following day and we got the diagnosis of hip dysplaisa with the left hip being dislocated.  Although I had researched Mabel's symptoms and was certain that she had hip dysplasia, nothing prepared me for the doctor calling me with the confirmation that she had it.  I was thankful that it was a treatable condition, but was terrified by the road ahead knowing that at Mabel's age a dislocated hip was treated with surgery and a spica cast.
After meeting with a pediatric orthopedic surgeon we confirmed everything.  Mabel was to have closed reduction surgery followed by 12 weeks in a spica with one cast change and then followed by a brace.  I was devastated thinking of my daughter's first birthday and holidays spent in this awful cast and spent most days in tears.  The process of waiting for surgery felt like forever and as it got closer seemed like it was happening too fast all at the same time.  In October 2009 Mabel had her surgery and casting.  Although it was a very difficult time, each day did get easier and easier.  We found a new routine and Mabel adjusted quickly.  We did a lot of research and tried to prepare as much as we could, that is how I found Ivy Rose Spica chairs.  I knew that it would make a difference for all of us and when ours arrived it was like Christmas as I put it together, Mabel was all excited as if she knew it was all for her!  Mabel loved playing in her chair with her toys and books, it was part of her playtime routine every day and it gave me a place I knew she could be upright, safe and happy.
As the weeks went by Mabel learned to crawl and roll in her cast and honestly life felt normal, a feeling I never expected.  We enjoyed her first birthday, the holidays and never even thought of the cast as anything but part of who Mabel was.  After 12 weeks she had the cast removed followed by a brace.  Her spica chair was also wonderful during her time in the brace.  Today at 15 months Mabel is learning to live post cast/brace and with physical therapy she has come leaps and bounds as she learns to stand and crawl. 
Our time with the spica was a hard time in our lives, the fears and worries as we approached surgery and therapy was overwhelming, but the support we found online and resources were so encouraging.  Our Mabel was still our wonderful happy baby the whole time she was in the spica, she continued to amaze us every day!

Evalisse's Story


Evalisse was born October 5th 2009 one week before my due date.  She weighed 5lb. 8oz.  On December 7th at her 2 month check-up the doctor heard a "hip click".  The doctors did an ultrasound and x-ray to confirm that  Evalisse had DDH development dysplasia of the hip.  Evalisse had to wear a Pavlik harness for six weeks this would hopefully correct her hip.  On Friday January 29th after almost 7 weeks in the harness the doctors found out the her hip was completely out of the socket, so the following Monday February 1st Evalisse had a Closed Reduction surgery and was put into a Spica cast.  She cried a lot after she was put into the cast she did not like to be put down at all.  Since we received her new princess chair I can actually put her down and she is perfectly content she loves being able to sit up like a big girl and play with her toys.  Stephanie we still can't thank you enough this chair has made the whole experience with the cast so much better.



Victoria & Evalisse

Galveston, Texas

Lilly's Story



It was a typical Monday, January 11th, I went to work, then I had to take both of my kids for their check-ups.  My son (JT), who just turned 3 and my daughter (Lilly), who was 10 months.  It was a normal check up...weight, height, and of course, the shots!!  After all that, they were checking my daughter's hips and length and noticed that her left leg was shorter than her right.  That's where our nightmare started.  We were sent to get x-rays of her hips.  It turned out that she had a dislocated hip.  To our surprise, Lilly had to have surgery.  We found out on January 13th that she needed the close reduction surgery.  She was scheduled for the following Thursday, the 21st.  We were a nervous wreck.  She had to get put under anesthesia and stay in the hospital overnight.  Needless to say, we just wanted the surgery over with and our little Lilly home safe and sound.

On January 21st, Lilly had the surgery.  What an exhausting 3 hours it was waiting to see how she was and to speak with her doctor.  Finally, he came out and said  "what a little trooper she is".  To our surprise, she did wonderful.  We were so relieved.  The nurses were great with her and told us that she needed to be different positions throughout the day so she did not get tense/sore. 

Now, on to your wonderful chair!  My work family all pitched in and got Lilly your spica cast chair.  What a little miracle it is!  It has been a lifesaver.  She eats and plays in it.  It has brought so much happiness into our house because she is so pleasant to be in it.  I love the lily pads that are painted on the sides.  And, her name on the back brings such a unique touch!  Again, I can't explain how much of a stress-reliever it is to have the chair.  She is so heavy to carry around, and to see her play in it and being able to sit up, well, it brings tears to my eyes!!  I want to thank you for coming up with this idea!  It has been such a blessing for me and my family!

Evyn's Story

After an easy and uncomplicated pregnancy, our daughter Evyn Louise was born weighing 6 lbs, 2 ounces.  Upon her arrival, we learned that Evyn has a rare developmental abnormality called Bladder Exstrophy.  She had a surgical repair of her bladder and pelvis when she was 72 hours old, and then stayed in the NICU for 5 weeks with her legs tied to the hospital crib in traction while she healed from surgery. 
The week that we brought her home, our pediatrician heard a "hip click" on her right side.  After an orthopedic consult, we learned that Evyn's hips were dislocated.  Evyn spent 5 months wearing a Pavlik harness, followed by 3 months in a hip abduction brace.  When she turned one year old, her orthopedic surgeon performed an open reduction on her right hip, leaving her in a Spica cast for 3 months. 
The first weeks in her new cast were challenging for all of us.  Evyn didn't fit into her car seat, stroller, or highchair.  We could only lay her down on her stomach or on her back, and she cried whenever we put her down.  After a week of backaches, we searched the Internet, determined to find some adaptive equipment for Evyn.  And that's how we learned about Ivy Rose Spica Chairs! 
One week later, our Lemon Slice arrived.  From the moment it was assembled, she sat in her new chair, literally giggling with joy.  She felt so proud sitting up on her own  for the first time in weeks.  Stephanie and her chairs are truly a blessing for children in Spica casts.  The children who sit in these chairs can regain a sense of independence from sitting on their own and a sense of mobility from the rocking, not to mention they are adorable and so much fun!  What a relief for us as parents, to see Evyn so happy--and to be able to put her down for a while! 
Evyn was extremely mobile before her surgery--she crawled faster than we could chase her, cruised all around the house, and even stood on her own.  We kept reading testimonials from other parents saying that their babies had learned to scoot and crawl while wearing casts, but it was difficult for us to imagine how it would be possible for Evyn.  Sure enough, our determined little lady scooted herself across the floor exactly two weeks after her surgery.  Never underestimate the power of a child who sees a toy that she really, really wants!
We are unsure whether this one surgery will be enough for Evyn's hips, and we also know that she will be facing at least one additional surgery to correct her Bladder Exstrophy.  No matter how many procedures or hospital stays we have ahead of us, we are positive that Evyn will always be as brave has she has been in her first 13 months of life.  Her smile lights up our lives, and we are blessed to have had such wonderful medical care for our first-born baby. 
We are wishing anyone who reads this a relatively easy journey through your challenges.  Thank you for taking the time to hear Evyn's inspiring story.
With love,
Joni, Danny, and Evyn

Kylar's Story


Kylar Grace was born a healthy 6lbs 2 oz. at birth. She was a normal, beautiful and happy baby. At 4 mos. she ended up with a stomach bug in which she couldn't keep down any breastmilk at all. We took her into Texas Children's Hospital to make sure all was ok with her. During our visit they wanted to xray her tummy to make sure there was no blockage....
That is where our journey began. According to the xrays, there was "possible slight hip dyslplasia". I was VERY upset since I knew most of the time it was found at birth. We took Kylar Grace to a doctor and yes in fact there was def. some issues. Into the rhino brace she went at 5.5 mos. Kylar stayed in her brace for about 2.5 mos but unfortunately her hips weren't quite in their place so to a NEW doc. and second opinion we go.
We loved our new doctor and he was pretty optimistic that the spica would work. So a few days after Ky's first birthday she got her cast on. The first couple of days were really rough for mommy and baby. After finding Stephanie's Spica Chair, I felt sooo relieved that she could kind of have her "life" back again. I was thrilled when it arrived at the door and the little lemon design was priceless. Putting it together was a breeze. It was like Christmas as Daddy sat there putting all the pieces together. Kylar has spent many many hours in her chair. She loved to eat in it the most. Her activities in her chair included: coloring, playing blocks, eating snacks, reading books and much more! She also loved to use her tippy toes and make it rock!
Kylar got her cast off March 25, 2008! She has still been sitting in her special lemon chair.  It makes a great highchair and CUTE TOO! Everyone who comes over adores it. :)
Our journey doesn't end there... We still have braces to do and many months of waiting to see how they work. We know that life is sour sometimes like a lemon, but the reward is sweeter than honey.

Kaitlyn's Story

Here is our story:  Kaitlyn was slow to walk- 14 months.  When she did begin walking she always fell to the right and waddled.  I thought that one leg was longer than the other, so I mentioned this to the pediatrician at her regular check-up.  We were immediately referred to a pediatric orthopedic surgeon in September, and she had a closed reduction Oct. 12.  She is now in a long-legged cast for 4 more weeks then a brace- she finally has some new bone growth in the hip socket!  This will be a total of 18 weeks casted.  I just wish we had ordered the chair sooner...she loves it so much that she was rocking it while I put it together.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Rebecca and Kaitlyn

Eliza's Story

Eliza is our fourth baby and our third girl.  She was born 2 weeks after her due date and came safely into the world.  On her first day of life the doctor thought he felt a “click” in her hip. It didn’t show up again until her 2 month check.  After placing Eliza in a pavlik harness, the right side improved slightly, but the left hip was now completely out of socket.  Surgery and casting was the only way to go!  I was desperate to figure out what I would need to care well for her during her 3 month spica journey.

I emailed Stephanie the week before her surgery frantic I wouldn’t have anywhere to put Eliza down to play other than her tummy.  “Faith the Flying Pig” was quickly and lovingly built for our little spica baby.  Stephanie got the chair to us in no time and it was a cinch to put together. 

It has been a blessing to have a place to sit Eliza up, rather than in her booster chair at the dining table.  Her sisters and brother love to climb in and play also.  It is an entire family affair.  She just recently really got the hang of the rocking aspect of the chair.  The moment I buckle her in she’s off and rocking away.  What a MUST HAVE for all parents and children undergoing spica treatment for DDH. THANK YOU Stephanie for all your hard work and giving our little Eliza some much needed playtime and movement as we await the end of our spica adventure!

Brad, Erin, Eliza and the rest of the Wheeler clan!

Haley's Story

Haley was diagnosed at 3 months of age with Hip dysplasia.  She went through two closed reductions with a total cast time of 14 weeks.  After the cast was removed her hip came out again within 3 months. 
She then went through a open reduction.  She spent eight weeks in the spica cast.  Haley learned how to crawl in her spica cast as well as flip herself over.  It was truly amazing to see how much she could do with this huge cast on. 
She was cast free for six months when we found out the hip came back out. During those six months Haley learned how to walk and became a toddler.    Haley then went through another open reduction and pelvic osteotomy at 21 months.  Her total cast time was 8 weeks.  Haley started walking with the spica cast on.  Your table literally was a life saver for Haley and us.  We were able to get Haley off her feet and at the table for hours of fun projects.  She forgot she was in the spica cast and just played like an active toddler should. 
Haley had her cast removed last Friday and she is already walking and acting as if there never was a cast on for eight weeks.  It is amazing how resilient children are. 
Thank you to you and your family for taking the time to create and make this table for our family.  You all have truly made this horrible experience not so horrible. 
Debbie Hogan

Layna's Story

My daughter, Layna, was diagnosed with hip dysplasia at 2 months old.  She wore the Pavlik harness for 2 months, unsuccessfully.  She had an open reduction at 6 months old and was placed in a spica cast for just under 4 months, with 2 cast changes during that time, until she was almost 10 months old.
When we first got home from the hospital I struggled with where to put her.  She did not like laying on her back all the time, so I tried propping her up on pillows and sitting her in a bean bag chair, but she was still reclined in those positions and definitely wanted to be sitting up.  She also couldn't reach any toys or do anything.  Anytime she dropped her toys, which was often, I had to be right there to pick it up for her.  I also couldn't leave her side because sometimes she would slide/tip over to the side.  I also struggled with how to feed her.  I endured these challenges for 4 weeks until I got her teapot chair from Stephanie.
Layna's teapot made a huge difference in living with her spica cast.  The day we got Layna's chair, our daily life and routine totally changed for the better.  I quickly assembled the chair together with Stephanie's easy-to-follow instructions and put Layna in it as soon as she woke up.  She LOVED it!  For the next several months, she was in her chair nearly all of her waking hours--playing with toys, watching Baby Einstein videos, and eating all of her meals.  She eventually learned how to "pop" herself in her cast, which enabled her to rock in her chair, which made her laugh hysterically.  Layna's big brother, Rylan who is now 2 1/2 years old, also LOVED the teapot and sat in it any chance he could, which wasn't often since Layna was in it so much!  When he wasn't sitting in it himself, he enjoyed making it rock for Layna, which was great fun for both of them.
Now that Layna is out of her cast, I have passed her chair on to another little girl, Zada, who is 8 months old and is just beginning her journey in the spica cast.  Her mom told me that it has already made a huge difference for them, too.
I am so thankful that I met Stephanie and was blessed to have her make a chair for Layna.  I honestly don't know how we would have gotten through our spica days without it!  Stephanie's chairs are very functional and helpful, and her creativity and immaginative designs are unsurpassed.

Emmy's Story

This is Emily who was diagnosed with DDH at 18 months.With her first spica cast she was very clingy and didn't know what to do with herself. I received her pink poodle chair after her cast change. Truly amazing what a difference these chairs can make for a child whose independence has been completely stripped.

She colored, ate her meals and played in her chair much of the day. To my surprise she screamed when I took her out. Her big brother Austin was quite jealous that he did not have such an awesome chair although he sat in it every opportunity he got! Emmy has been out of her cast for 4 weeks now and her chair is still her favorite spot for everything.

I am so thankful for Stephanie who made a pleasant experience out of something that could have been disastrous!!!

Kim Belkin, Racine, Wisconsin

Jacen's Story

Jacen was diagnosed at birth ( March 2007) with dislocated hips due to being breech. He was in a Pavlik harness for 2 months which did not work for him, then he had open reduction surgery on both hips July 2, 2007. He liked to be held all the time after surgery and did not like to be put down due to being uncomfortable. The chair has helped us a lot! He loves to sit up and play with his toys in it and look around. He was 4 1/2 months old when we first used the chair and it worked PERFECT for him, and still does.  By having him sit comfortably in the chair and play, it enables me to get a much needed arm break and to do house work while being able to keep an eye on him and him playing happily... verses before the chair I was unable to put him down at all without him crying. Now he's at the age when he's trying to sit up on his own but cannot  due to the cast which frustrates him big time.. the chair helps him sit up and keeps him in a "happy" state of mind... no fussing... the chair is a BIG help let me tell you!!!

Josie Rose's Story

Josie Rose is my daughter, she was diagnosed with bilateral dislocated hips at birth and spent several weeks in a Pavlik harness and then a Rhino brace before she was scheduled for a closed reduction at 4 months old. Unfortunately, only one hip improved, so she was scheduled for an open reduction and another 3 months in a spica cast at 11 months old.   She was the one who inspired me to create a special chair to allow her to sit up and reach her toys and feed herself.  Here is Josie's chair:

This chair made a tremendous difference in the way I was able to care for my daughter, she spent most of her day in her chair playing with her toys, coloring, watching her videos, and of course, rocking!  It made the entire spica experience so much easier for both of us.  The difference between her first spica cast and the second was like night and day.  She was so much happier in her chair. That's what inspired me to make these chairs for other kids in spica casts!